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Mobile Stage Rental Order Guide and Information.

What you should know before you order

We put in this content, some very useful information might help you before you are renting a stage from us, the following information is based on the most frequently asked questions and answers.

Our service for mobile stage rental concentrate and apply on the following states: New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, and Pennsylvania, for a complete list of cities check on the top of this page. if you find your city and state on that list you can be sure we guarantee our service.

Your mobil stage rental order can be deliver and expedite – We offers portable stage rental for indoors or outdoors events. When you place your order with us, you can have your stage rental order expedite for fast same day delivery for free!

The size of each platform –  The stage surface size can be customized with 6’ x 8′ platforms. You can rent a 6′ x 8′ platform or rent even more if you need a bigger size. When you order more then one mobile stage platform, we deliver them to your event location we assemble and disassemble them for you to create the size you need or to the closest size that you need.

The Stage Platform Height – The height of the stage rental platforms can be adjusted to to 2′ or 2.6′ (24″ or 32″ high). After you know how high the stage can be, you have the option to add and rent the steps to your stage rental order package.

Stage rental steps – you can rent and add to your stage rental order package, a set of stage steps to comfortable and safely to go up and down the stage. every one set of stage rental steps have 2 or 3 steps climbing up, to the top level of the stage platform.

Stage Skirt – One more important item that you can add to your stage rental order is a skirt. The skirt is layed around the stage and covers the bottom. Most of the time people running sound and electric cables under the stage to prevent from people on stage to step on them. Also, many times the artists who perform on the stage or the sound man, find the place under the stage is the best temporary place to store some part of unused equipment during the show. when you cover the stage with skirt it helps you to hide these things and you get that knit look to your stage.

If you are looking for more rental’s items, you can add to you stage rental order you can find on our Party Rentals Page.

Stage Rental Items Description

The images below can give you a visual idea, how the mobile stage rental equipment looks like when you order it. The items that come with the rental package. Like the steps, skirt and also how an individual 6’x8′ stage platform looks like and how a combination of multiple 6’x8′ platforms looks too.

stage rental
Combination of 4x timed multiple 6'x8' platforms
stage rental
Stage Steps
stage rental
Stage Skirt
stage rental
Single 6' x 8' Stage Platform
stage rental
Single Folded Stage Platform
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