Terms of Service

Ownership of Site www.CelebrationEntertainment.Com belongs to TOP EVENT SERVICES INC. in New York, USA. These Terms and Conditions of service apply to all Celebration Entertainment.com customers, site visitors, and buyers. TO USE OUR SERVICE, YOU MUST TO AGREE TO THESE TERMS OF SERVICES. TOP EVENT SERVICES INC. reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to change, modify, add or remove portions of these Terms of Services, at any time. It is your responsibility to check these Terms of services periodically for changes. All forms submission to complete orders, needs to agree to the condition changes and terms of services use.

On this terms of services. The words: “Customer”, “Your”,  “Renter”, “Buyer”, “You”, “Their” “Client” and/or “Yours” means the customer and is obligated under its terms. The words: “We”, “our” “Company”, and “Celebration Entertainment” refer to the business name Top Event Services Inc. The word “customer” “person” shall mean the period as agreed to between Celebration Entertainment and Customer. The word “Terms” shall mean all terms of services written by TOP EVENT SERVICES INC. or Celebration Entertainment.Com Website owners.


Rental & Entertainment Services Terms and Conditions


Order Process & Payment

  1. We accept all major credit cards, personal and company checks, money orders, direct bank deposits, cash, pay pal. With a minimum payment of 50% deposit or more is required to reserve or book the entertainment services. That payment secures for clients requested date and time frame, and reserves the package services such as: booking entertainers or talented  artists, photographers, DJs, Party rentals equipments or any other services we provide on Top Event Services Inc.
  2. When you order services from Top Event Services Inc. and pays the minimum deposit required. We hold for you the date and time for your event. The company immediately proceed your order, to insure promised services on time, with all requested equipment needed to all complete service and at the specific venue location. The schedule proceeds from the minute we get the deposit from the client and our effort and work starts and is affective immediately.
  3. Part of the completing orders or booking one of our services, the customers are required to fill out and complete service form. You need to be advise that every category of entertainment have some different unique form. If you not sure which one is right one for you, call us.
  4. All the information you filled at the website form are very important, the information must be accurate and true. Always advisable to go over the details again. For example, the event location address, start time, contact information, select a package and more. Mistakes or incorrect information is the sole responsibility of the customer or the person who filled out the form. Incorrect information can cause us and for you problems to service you or to complete the order as promised or on time. All problem following this issue in any way will not be accepted.
  5. After you done submitting your form Online, it is best to give us a call to confirm that we got your form, and to complete your order process by making the payment.
  6. If you sent us an email or you filled out an Online form, we do not promise or commit to ensuring the requested services by you. Services are guaranteed only when payment has been made.

After Ordering

  1. Changing or update the package information, can be made only 5 business days before the agreed schedule service date.
  2. We call to confirm with all customers or contact person numbers listed on the submitted form, a day before the scheduled service day. We confirming our appearance for the scheduled time and location, as well checking again delivery of service location address, as well the entertainment package ordered. If we couldn’t reach you at the time, we will leave you a message.

Cancellation Policy

Payments are not refundable for any cancellation reason!
  1. We collect payments ahead of time in order to hold your valued date and time, and we cannot sell or offer that date and time to any other calling potential clients, as it is reserved for you.
  2. Our Inventory for equipment, entertainers, or any other services provided by us, Are limited. When a customer is placing an order for promised goods, we guarantee our services, or orders, for the date and time. Similar service cannot be offered to others calling clients, after your order is takings place, as we mentioned our Inventory for equipment, entertainers, or any other services provided by us. Are limited, and we ca not afford to lose business and money.
  3. It doesn’t matter how fast or how much time is left prior to the event date, the deposit will be not refunded for any matter or concern.
  4. Every client have the rights to read or to ask for the company terms of services, before placing an order or reserving service. This page is up and running at all times, To all customers for reading and reviewing. Even before they sending an Online forms, When you pay the deposit, this is what is that for.
  5. All our services are limited for agreement duration. We can not exceed the time of service offered to customers. Although if the entertainer or employee couldn’t full fill all possible entertainment package offered Online. The ability to complete all promised service package to the customer, Its depends also on factors that are not under the control of the worker or entertainer at the event. for example: 20 to 25 participants are limits to most kids entertainment packages in an one hour duration. Complaint or request for refund with this issue will not be accepted.
  6. All customers credit card disputes by: American Express, Visa, Master Card, Discover, the amount charged by us, there will be no refund to the customer, if the customer filled and complete our Online form with YES agree to our terms of service.

Don’t worry! If you can’t have your event on the desired schedule date?

—->Here are some alternative options.


  • Reschedule your service package on a different date for no extra charge.
  • Get a company credit, that can be used up-to six months from the day of transaction charge date. Company credits can be used for all our services offers.
  • Company credit can be transferred to friends or family members.

Day Of Service

  1. In the event that Celebration Entertainment fails to show up to an event at all, Top Event Services Inc. will credit back the paid amount of money to the customer, with no questions asked! Refunds for credit cards and check payments can take between 15 to 30 business days to get it back.
  2. At the time when the entertainment is schedule to start the show on the day of the event, it is the customer’s responsibility to have everything ready and set for the entertainment to start on the time agreed. In some cases we cannot guarantee extended time for the service. Even for an additional fee. If possible, extended time in accordance to an additional fee will be apply to the subtotal price agreed.
  3. When booking 5 days or less before the requested service day, it is considered a last minute event, and we squeeze in the event into our schedule. The customer needs to understand that the entertainment start time must be flexible, and we cannot guarantee the exact time that the appearance is requested on the form submission. Our start time service appearance can be in the time frame of 1 hour before or 1 hour after from the requested time on the Online submission form completed by the customer. It is understood in this matter that the customer needs to be properly prepared.
  4. Celebration Entertainment will not accept any complain from customer to receive any credit money back or disputing our credit card charge with the credit cards companies such as: (Visa,  American Express, Master card or Discover), after we complete our show or service. If customer think the service or product is Not As Described or Defective on the beginning only. First the customer duty is to stop and inform the entertainer, talent, or company stuff the issue. and refusing starting or continuing service. At the same time customer need to report by calling the company office Immediately, to discuss the matter and to seek and resolve or fix the matter in a moment. To get into kind of agreement with both sides customer and company to be able of continuing or proceeding with the service. Service or talent show can not continued at this time until settlement with both sides customer and company representative needs to agree. If the company office representative couldn’t help resolve or fixing the matter, in the moment of calling. Only on the early time of the day of service, to be able to continue service. The Entertainer or service will not continue or proceed. Celebration Entertainment will no longer will provide service to the customer and company staff or employees will leave immediately the venue, without to fulfilling service agreement. Only if that happen, we will issue a refund to the customer within 10 business days.
  5. The amount of entertainers assign to each package, are limited. details description on each package, can be found on packages of the category page. Unless Customer add an additional entertainer specified on the job invoice.
  6. With any delay or longer ending time that can be caused by the customer, or to extend or change the service time frame on the same day, at the last minute, the customer needs to be aware of an additional charge or fee given by the company sales representative or staff manager/entertainer in charge on site.
  7. In the event that any unexpected last minute changes to the service agreement is made by the customer, Top Event Services Inc. is entitled to increase the service charge or will not rewarded those changes with no refunds or money back.
  8. When a balance payment is left to the day of the event, the customer needs to take immediate action on our appearance to the event to pay this balance to the company man in charge, or the entertainer before we start.

Pickup Rental Terms & Conditions

Order Process & Payment

The full rental period fee is due in advance, paid with a credit card. The fee for the rental period will be charged upon the day of reservation. The rental period starts on the required reservation date and ends when returned to Top Event Services Inc. Estimated time in transit from Top Event Services Inc. to the Customer are not counted as part of rental the rental period. Equipment must be delivered by the Customer until Reservation End Date & Time.

  • Customer is responsible for insurance coverage while equipment is in their possession. Customer is responsible for lost or stolen equipment.
  • Customer is responsible for damages including repair costs due to improper installation, application, misuse, abuse, neglect, and/or accident caused by the Customer. The Customer