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How To Pick the Right Inflatables Rental for Your Party

Inflatables Rental Guide and Information

Combo Bounce & Slide Rental The most popular subjected amusement rental for parties, are the inflatables rental category. We can provide for your event small or big, amazing inflatable rental amusement units that you can find in our website. You will explore many wide varieties of possibilities you can choose from. and many different kinds of inflatable amusements categories that you might already know.

These are the categories available by us such as: bounce houses, combo bouncy castle, inflatable slide, dry slides, water slides, obstacle courses, themed bounce houses, toddler bounce houses, inflatable games, chooses from many great selections of party inflatables rental that can spice up your party and the kids will have a bless and keep your child and their party guests entertained for hours. you can browse through all our available inflatable rental units at the following page by clicking here.

There are few important things you need to know and do, before you rent your favorite inflatable amusement that will fit perfectly at your party.

First of all, you need to know the answers to the following questions we might ask you before you place your rental order.

1. Where is your event location? city and state or zip code.

Explanation: We need to know where your event will be, on which city or state and zip code, to check if we can provide you with our service in your location. you can also check that yourself by visiting this page by clicking here.

2. Is your party will be indoors or outdoors?

Explanation: It’s very important to know and to take that into your consideration before you choose your inflatable rental, every inflatable has is own unique design, they made in different shapes and sizes, with a different length width and height that can be vary from one to another because inflatables they are big and very high and most of them made for outdoors events. so that will lead us to the other question.

3. is your available space area you have in mind for the inflatable rental unit has a clear space from any destructions?

Explanation: It’s very important to check that the area you have in mind, to have the inflatable rental unit, needs to be clear from any distraction of touching objects that can be unsafe during operation and also can damage the unit. For example, if you pick your backyard as your set up place for the unit make sure that there’s no trees, electric wires, pipes or anything that can touch the top or the side of the unit.

4. What is the measurement of the available space you have for the inflatable rental unit?

Explanation: It’s very important, that you simply measure the area you have in mind that you want the inflatable rental unit to be placed during your party, write down the measurements the correct width, length, and height to make sure that the unit you want can fit there. One more important thing you should keep in mind too, the available space needs to be bigger by at list extra 1′ or 2′ space all around the sides and the top, of the unit. Find the exact inflatable rental units’ dimensions, to help you to choose the perfect fit to your available space. You can find that information under every inflatable rental unit description at this page “bounce house rentals”.

5.  How many approx. numbers of kids and ages that will attend at your party? to be able to choose the right size.

Explanation: Is good to know what the age will be vary that will attend at your party, this is a good indicator to understand and will help you to pick the right inflatable rental unit that will fit for all ages.

Along with your inflatable rental you can have a party package that will be include kids’ entertainment and concession machines like cotton candy, popcorn, snow cone and more.
If you look for more other things to your party, check our party rentals page for all complete possibilities that available for you. like party tents, tables and chairs, generators and many more…

Feel free to call us or contact us with any questions or feedback. We are looking forward to the possibility of bringing fun and enjoyment to your next event.
We service and rent an inflatable amusement in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and Philadelphia. Let’s schedule the next delivery to your party with our amazing party inflatable rental amusements.

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