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The first reason when you searching helium tank rental in Stamford CT  you probably have an important event coming up, and you need to decorate your event with lots of balloons and your event location is in Stamford CT. You can be sure that you order will be delivered on time and can be expedite to express delivery in the same day of order, for no additional cost. We will let you know the exact one hour window when to expect deliver so we don’t waste your time waiting all day.

The second reason why you should get a helium tank rental in Stamford CT and choose us, if you are an event decorator and your business located is in Stamford CT. But what happen if in a middle of decorating an event project you’r running out of helium, No worries, our great fast respond customer service available 7 days a week, 12 hours a day help you when you really need it. in this case we will expedite your helium tank rental in Stamford CT delivery to one or two hours max for free. In addition to the helium tank delivery ,you can ask for our experience assistant staff helping you inflate the balloons with you or for you.

The third reason why you should get our service for helium tank rental in Stamford CT, if you are a store or super market selling helium balloons to your customers, be sure that you will get the best helium quality gas service ever. quick and easy to reach our sales representative to get your refill in no time. express same day order and delivery to your store location. for high volume use of helium, we highly recommended to go with the largest industrial XL helium size cylinder, to be able to inflate the maximum numbers of balloons with one tank. you should also considering opening an account with us, as a long term rental helium service customer.

The fourth reason why you should get our service for helium tank rental in Stamford CT, If you are a real estate office in Stamford CT and you need to inflate balloons for your local open houses, our variety sizes for helium tanks will be your best choice to save money and time. Instead of running to the store every time you need helium for your balloons, with our service we will deliver it to your office every time you need a refill. 

One more benefit you have with our service the industrial helium tanks will last you much longer time comparing to the small tanks you buy in the store. in addition to that, you will save money on the cost on each balloon you inflating, you be able to inflate a large amount of balloons with one single tank.

Our party rentals department team are ready to take your order and deliver to your event location.What are you waiting for?!?!

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Do you have an empty tank? Are you looking to refill it with helium gas? No worries! We can exchange the same size tank you have with a new full one for no additional cost, as long as your tank inspection is not expired. Celebration Entertainment party rentals and delivery services are available in New York, New Jersey and some parts of Connecticut. Check out on the page link: “Helium Tank Rental” for a complete list of service locations available for you.

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All available sizes for helium tank rental in Stamford CT

We have multiple size tanks available, you can choose from. every cylinder holds a different capacity of compressed helium gas, and each of one of them can give you the ability to inflate a different amount of balloons. there are 4 size helium cylinders available you can rent from us, that can suit your project or the purpose of your work. below are an estimated number of balloons you can inflate with each helium cylinder based on 10 inches standard size latex balloons.

All the helium Industrial cylinders sizes arranged by inches height and cubic feet (click to enlarge)

These are the helium size cylinders available.

The following numbers are estimated based on 10″ size Balloons.

Know more about all our services for helium tank rental in Stamford CT

Rental | Exchange | Refill | Full Service Inflating Balloons | LONG TERM RENTAL |

Helium Tanks Rental Delivery and Pickup – We deliver and pickup your helium tank rental order to your event location. We also have a pickup location in Brooklyn available 7 days a week. Give us a call to arrange a pickup date and time for your order.

Exchange Empty Helium Tank Service – We can exchange your empty cylinder helium tank with a full one. That can be delivered and picked up from your location, or you can swipe your tank in our Brooklyn NY pickup location. All size tanks are available for exchange.

Refill Helium Service – We can refill your empty tank with helium. If you have a small cylinder tank, all you need to do is call us to make an appointment and to come to our Brooklyn NY refill location. The refill service takes approximately 10-15 minutes.

Full Service Inflating Your Balloons With Helium – We can come to your event location, and inflate the balloons with helium gas for you, or you can bring your balloons to our location in Brooklyn NY and have them inflated there. Check more info about this service at the page link “Helium for Balloons” under the event services category on the top main menu of this page

Long Term Rental Service Available – We do offer a long term helium service, when you keep the tank in your location, and every time you need a refill you give us a call to have new tank delivered to you. long-term rental available to anyone who need it. special rates given mostly to high volume helium usage such as: supermarkets, real estate offices, event decorators, 99¢ stores, gift shops. For a long term helium rental service, you required to open an account with us.

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  1. The first option we can come to your event location in Stamford CT and inflate your balloons there.
  2. The second option you can bring your balloons to one of our locations near you and have them inflated there. call us to find out the closest location near you.

Add-On Options For Helium Tank Rentals

Helium tank rental in Stamford CT
Hand truck

Add-on two wheel single cylinder hand truck, to hold stable the cylinder and to be able to move it around easily around the room, for just $50.

Helium tank rental in Stamford CT
Valve / Nozzle

Add-on valve/nozzle to be able to inflate mylar or latex balloons. helium tank valve is starts from $25

Helium Cylinder Nozzle/Valve Attachment Options

Helium tank rental in Stamford CT
Helium balloon filler for latex balloons with gauge
Helium tank rental in Stamford CT
Combo helium filler for latex and mylar balloons with gauge
Helium tank rental in Stamford CT
Single helium filler for latex balloons

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