Most frequent questions and answers

Yes, we do rent helium and we have multiple sizes big cylinders and small cylinders.

The answer is yes, you need to open an account with us to be able to get long term rental service service.

We are a vendor with department of education and we accept PO orders.

Yes, we do deliver helium and you can get it, faster than anyone else.

Yes, we can refill your small helium tank. If you have a big one, we can exchange it for you. We take the empty one and we give you one for it have to be the same size.

Yes, we do offer that service. You can bring your balloons to our closest location or we can do it at your event party location.

We service, deliver and cover many cities and states in NY, NJ ,CT, PA do not hesitate give us a call and ask if we travel to your location.

Yes, we can pickup for free and recycle you big helium tank cylinder. 

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