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Helium for Balloons, Service Information and Inflating Balloons Locations Guide.

helium for balloons, helium services, balloons services, helium for my balloonsIf you search for helium services or just helium for balloons, you are in the right place. We provide high helium gas quality for balloons and many helium services such as: full inflating balloons service, helium tank rentals, that you can choose from variety of large and small cylinders, that can be picked up or delivered to your location (for more info about all size cylinders you can find further down this page).

Long term helium rental services and helium service accounts, available for stores like event decorators, supermarkets, real estate offices, gifts stores, 99¢ stores and many more.

In addition to these services, we offer a full inflating balloons service for instance, if you order balloons and you need to fill them with helium, no problem, just bring them to our closest location near you and we will inflate them for you. If you have too many balloons and you can’t travel with them in your car, no worries, we can travel to your event location, at the set date and time, just few hours before your event starts and we will take care of it for you, we will put that super helium gas in your balloons and even tie the ribbon to them.

The states and locations for helium services – we provide helium for balloons and helium services at the following states: New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and Pennsylvania. If you want to know what the closest location near you is, simply give us a call to (718) 787-4477 or contact us by sending a quick contact form with your question.

Inflating your balloons with helium at your location – When you order this service we will travel to your event location on the day of your event, we will bring helium and we will fill up all your balloons with helium gas and even attach the ribbon to them. Very importantly we will accomplish the job fast in no time. We make sure you have this balloon ready just before your party starts. after we finish the job, you will have a lot of balloons across the room filled with helium floating up to the ceiling.

Rent small or large helium tank cylinder – If you need helium for balloons and you need to rent helium tank cylinder you can rent, small medium large or extra-large tanks from us, after you order it, we can deliver it to your location, or you can pick up yourself from our Brooklyn NY location. We offer super-fast next day or even same day delivery to New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and Pennsylvania. for a complete list of service locations near you click here. Delivery includes drop off and pickup from your location after you done with it.

4 different sizes – helium for balloons. Small, medium, large and extra-large, available immediately for delivery. Here is an estimate that each cylinder can give you per 11 inches balloon. Small size cylinder can inflate 75-100 balloons, medium size can inflate between- 180 to 200 balloons, large size can inflate approximately 350+ balloons, Extra-large can inflate 500+ balloons.

Helium Gas Service

Rent, Exchange & Refill | Long Term Rental Available Too.

Rent, Exchange & Refill | Long Term Rental Available Too.

If you have a store or an office that you need helium gas service for long term rental, No problem. Likewise short use rental up to 7 days, Therefore long term rental service, we requires from new customers to open an account with us. We will deliver ASAP every time when you finish and you need another one. If You have large empty tank and you need to refill it with helium gas. We can exchange your same size cylinder with new one, for no extra cost. 

We can refill your cylinder in our location only if you have small tank, all you need to do is to call us to make an appointment and to come to our Brooklyn NY refill location. The refill service takes approximately 10-15 minutes. If you ready we can take your order today! Call Now Tel. (718) 787-4477.

Do you have an empty tank? Are you looking to refill it with helium gas? We can exchange it for you with new one, for the same size for no extra cost. Celebration Entertainment party rentals and delivery services available in New York, New Jersey and some part of Connecticut. check out on this page link: “Helium Tank Rental” for a complete list of service locations availability.

Our party rentals department team are ready to take your order for renting a helium tank cylinder and deliver it to your location address in Brooklyn NY, call now! Tel. (718) 787-4477.

What are you waiting for? so call now tel. (718) 787-4477. We ready to take your order today and deliver immediately to your door ASAP.

Let us inflate
the balloons for you With Helium

helium for balloons

Have your balloons filled and inflated with our helium super gas quality. Order our full inflating service and get that helium for balloons. get the job done let us do it for you quick and easy. If you have no experience doing that, don’t spend hours and hours just inflate balloons on your special day.

This is how it's done, in 4 easy steps.

  1. We travel and bring the helium tank to your event location.
  2. Have your balloons and ribbon ready. 
  3. Count how many balloons you have of each size, that you want us to inflate.
  4. We put the helium in your balloons in no time.

5 reasons why to choose us.

helium for balloons
Helium Cylinder Sizes

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Do You have your own balloons?
need them to be filled up with air or helium?
We can Help!

Have your balloons ready and let us do it for you!
  1. The first option we offer you is to come to your event location and inflate your balloons there.
  2. The second option you can bring your balloons to one of our locations near you and have them inflated there. call us to find out where is the closest location near you.

Need your balloons to be inflated?


helium for balloons
Estimated amount of balloons you can get form each helium size tank.

The following numbers are estimated based on 10″ size Balloons.

helium for balloons
Valve / Nozzle

Add-on valve/nozzle to be able to inflate mylar or latex balloons. helium tank valve is starts from $25

helium for balloons
Helium tank hand truck

Add-on two wheel single cylinder hand truck, to hold stable the cylinder and to be able to move it around easily around the room, for just $50.

Helium Regulator Filler Valves

These are the main 3 types of helium tanks regulators that can be used to inflate your balloons project. We also sell these if you interested in buying one and you need it ASAP you can pick up one today.

Helium filler for latex balloons with gauge
Helium filler for latex balloons with gauge
Helium filler combo for latex and mylar balloons with gauge
Helium filler combo for latex and mylar balloons with gauge
Helium filler for latex balloons no gauge
Helium filler for latex balloons no gauge
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